What is PRYSE Academy?

PRYSE (Pittsburgh Refugee Youth Summer Enrichment) Academy is a summer camp that includes English and academic skill-building curricula, creative expression workshops, field trips, and programming aimed at shaping refugee youth into engaged and successful members of the Pittsburgh community.

  • Academic preparedness: PRYSE counselors strive to prepare students for the upcoming school year and improve their English skills, no matter what level of language skills they have. Students are given many opportunities to explore secondary education and career options for their future.
  • Creative expression: Campers are exposed to a wide variety of creative expression genres in order to learn new ways of telling their unique and important stories. Campers learn about storytelling, public speaking, self esteem, and more with interactive workshops.
  • Community engagement: Volunteer high school and college counselors serve as role models as they encourage campers to get involved in the greater Pittsburgh community. Through counselor leadership, campers learn the importance of volunteerism and giving back.

The result: Campers and counselors who are better prepared to be confident, successful contributors to the greater Pittsburgh community.

PRYSE Academy is a program of Alliance for Refugee Youth Support and Education (ARYSE), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. 

You can read our 2015 Annual Report here.


Thank you to our past and current sponsors!

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